Frequently Asked Questions

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What is SellDom

SellDom is a domain selling online service whose purpose is to help domain owner sell their domains. Sellers will receive offers from interested buyers and then will proceed on exchanging payment/domain outside SellDom.

The only purpose of SellDom is to connect sellers and buyers.

How does it work?

Anyone who owns a domain can add it on SellDom. The next step is to verify that you really own the domain, by adding a specific entry in your DNS zone.

Once the domain has been verified, it is available to get offers.

Anyone can make an offer on a domain. The seller then decide which buyer to contact and the transaction is made outside SellDom service.

How can I verify a domain?

When you add a domain on SellDom, we need to ensure that you are really the owner.

For this reason, we ask you to update your DNS zone by adding a TXT entry at a customer sub-domain (like

The content of the TXT entry will be posted on our Wall of Fame where everyone can vote for the best entry submitted.

You can manually ask for SellDom to verify the DNS entry, but we have an automated task that checks your DNS every 15 minutes.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes we do, you can find it at this link.

.. And Terms of Service?

Indeed, you will find them here.

I need help, how can I contact you?

If you have any issues, you can reach out to us via